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MY Feelings

Information for young people when you're struggling with how you're feeling and want to understand why

What's happening to me?

Thoughts and feelings can be hard to make sense of. You might be having new feelings you don't understand, like:

  • Just not feeling yourself

  • Feeling something isn't right

  • Finding it hard to enjoy things you normally would, such as spending time with friends or doing your favorite hobby

  • Feeling angry or sad

  • Wanting to be alone

  • Having strange thoughts that you don't understand.

If you're worried about anything you're experiencing then opening up to someone can help. You may just need to talk it through – or you may find there is information and support out there that can help.

Why am I feeling this way?

There are lots of things that can affect the way you feel, like:

  • Problems at home, school, or in relationships

  • Big changes in your life

  • Confusion about who you are, your sexuality, or beliefs

  • Pressure from yourself or others

  • Feeling lonely or like nobody understands

  • Being bullied or abused

  • Worrying about what's happening in the world, like things you hear about in the news.

Whatever the reason, you're not alone and there is support available.

For Young People - Understanding MY Feelings: Services

When does something become a mental health problem?

A mental health problem is when the way you're thinking, feeling, or reacting becomes difficult for you to cope with.

We can all feel worried, down, upset or angry at times and this can be normal. But if these feelings last a long time, it might be a sign that you need more help. For example, if the way you feel:

  • Affects you most days

  • Stops you from doing the things you enjoy

  • Makes you feel like you can't cope anymore

Mental health problems are really common. They are not a sign of weakness and can happen to anyone.

For Young People - Understanding MY Feelings: Services

When should I ask for help?

It is always okay for you to ask for help.

It's common to wonder if you can handle things on your own, or even just feel like you don't know where to start. Whatever the issue may be, big or small, you don't ever need to cope on your own. You can talk to someone as soon as something is worrying you and you feel ready to talk.

For Young People - Understanding MY Feelings: Services

Why should I ask for help?

Asking for help can feel like a really hard step but reaching out for support can help you to:

  • Find support to help with how you're feeling

  • Feel like you're not alone

  • Share how you feel with someone you trust

  • Understand your feelings better

  • Speak to a professional, like a doctor, counselor, or mental health expert

  • Stop things from getting worse.

For Young People - Understanding MY Feelings: Services

What can I do right now?

  • Talk to someone you trust, like a friend or trusted adults, such as your teacher or school counselor.

  • Visit your doctor.

  • Take some time to do something you enjoy or find relaxing. For tips on things, you could try to look after yourself, visit the Childline website.

For Young People - Understanding MY Feelings: Services
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